Verdichtung Zentrum Au, Wädenswil

BHSF Architects
Landscape Architecture
Klötzli Friedli
Study Period

The subject of the test planning was the design for the center of the district of Au. It attempts to respond to the challenges and uncertainties of the coming decades by combining a radical mix of agriculture, living and working with a strong localization of production and tourism. The assumption is that the current sub-center on Lake Zurich will become less important in the future as supra-regional and globalized connections become less important. The mix at the node will be strengthened and communal and productive forms of living and working will be promoted. One of the special features is the fen in the north of the perimeter; this will be strengthened and protected with special development as well as landscape interventions. Also addressed is the treatment of the Au peninsula, which is currently a kind of “insider tip” in the area and is intended to remain so to a certain extent.