Reinvention Schadaugärtnerei, Thun

City of Thun
BHSF Architects
Landscape Architecture
BRYUM landscape architects
Also Involved
Zeugin Gölker Immobilienstrategien
Study Period

The study commission dealt with speculations about the future of the Schadaugärtnerei at the shores of Lake Thun. With their “yes” to the purchase of the site, the people of Thun gave themselves a gift: they decided against high-priced apartments and in favor of preserving open space. The open space should be public and attractive and inviting for everyone. For the further development of the area, our team analysed user groups and suggested how they could be activated – as “urban tribes” that could take part in the Schadaugärtnerei in the future. We proposed to invent a new institution on the site – in the sense of a public place firmly rooted in the city – that would address the issues of food and the future. The buildings should be available to the public for courses, events and festivals.