Restaurant, Bremgarten

Floor Area incl. basement
215 m²
Study Period

This project is part of the wider revitalization of an airfield in southwestern Germany. Besides the construction of a new hangar, a restaurant is planned that will be a social hub for pilots, airplane enthusiasts and curious visitors to the site.

Although small in comparison, the proposed restaurant integrates itself into the utilitarian aesthetic of the row of existing hangars through the pitched roof, high ceiling, and frontside entrance closed by folding shutters.

From outside the building presents itself as a clean-cut wooden structure with strong and simple detailing. The interior, which is more finely worked, evokes an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the pioneering days of flight.

The structure is based on two grids that are evident in the facade and which illustrate the hierarchy of the two parts of this building. The raised public area has a broader grid and is spanned by a timber frame construction. In the lower part of the structure, the walls are load-bearing and the intervals are smaller. This forms a compact area which connects kitchen, bar, technical and toilet spaces. The components involve a high degree of pre-fabrication that will enable quick and cheap construction. Spatial sequences are strongly geared towards the needs of an efficiently managed restaurant.