Festival Hall, Trin, 2nd Prize

Open Competition, 2nd Prize
Municipality of Trin
Structural Engineer
Bänziger Partner AG
Technical Infrastructure
PGMM Schweiz AG
Floor Area incl. basement
2400 m²
Competition Period

The gymnasium in Trin is revaluated by extending the existing building with a stage and a foyer, turning it into a multi-purpose hall. The heterogeneity of sports hall, equipment storage and the spaces for the local clubs in the ground floor is abolished. The space-continuum leads from the entrance hall on the ground floor to the foyer on the first floor serving as a public space which reflects and connects the collective character of this shared institution and its users.
This “space-continuum” is generated by a lightweight construction cladded with wood panels that liberates it from the strict heterogeneity of the existing concrete structure. The space between the wood panels and the existing walls can be used for shelves, benches, or even rooms, like the office or the cloakroom in the foyer. Where the wooden panels hit the exterior walls the wood encompasses the shape of the windows and confers the energy of the interior onto the facade