Aircraft Hangar, Bremgarten

Direct Commission
Structural Engineer
Reichmann + Partner
Technical Infrastructure
Rainer Oberle
Planning & Execution Period

The site for the new hangar is a small airport in southern Germany. It stands in direct proximity to buildings formerly used by military forces in the 1940s. This ensemble is mirrored in both the hangar’s materials and dimensions. Positioned at the head of an air-field used by several buildings, the hangar represents the beginning of the whole area’s revitalization.

In analogy with the existing building’s structure, the lattice girders are positioned on prefabricated concrete columns to form a gabled roof. The construction spans over 42 meters, with its 26 x 8 m size, the gate on the western facade enables the maintenance of larger aircraft.

The side part of the building, positioned under the roof, houses a repair shop and administration in the ground floor, a workman’s dwelling and more office space in the first floor.