Industrial and office building, Bremgarten

HIAG Immobilien Schweiz AG
BHSF / Janki AG
Structural Engineer
PIRMIN JUNG Ingenieure für Holzbau AG, Urs Hauser AG
Technical Infrastructure
IBN Ingenieurbüro Niedermann GmbH
Also Involved
Melliger Partner Elektroengineering GmbH
Study Period
Planning & Execution Period
2013 - 2017

In an industrial area at the edge of the city of Bremgarten, an area that has incrementally grown during the last decades is complemented by a multi-functional hall and an office building. The hall is 90m long and 36 broad and, referring to classical modernist industrial halls with five subdivisions. The office building figures as the sixth subdivision and completes the complex to the street. At the level of the courtyard, the building features a multi-purpose room for co-workers, company events and exhibitions.

While basement and core of the building are constructed conventionally as a massive structure, the upper floors are developed in a specially developed wood-concrete structure that has a high degree of prefabrication to ensure a quick building process that is independent from the weather.

The building had to be designed and built under extreme cost restraints. These inherent laws of cost efficient industrial buildings are taken as the main theme of the design concept. Simple, standardized materials are nobilitized by utilizing them in a precise way to give the building complex an elegant as well as industrial appearance.

The project is being realized in two stages.