Densification of an urban quarter, Zurich

Municipal planning authority, City of Zurich
Also Involved
Consultants Landscape: Balliana Schubert Landschaftsarchitekten AG; Consultants Traffic Planning: IBV Hüsler AG
Study Period

As part of the work on the municipal structure plan for settlement, landscape, public buildings and facilities, the city of Zurich commissioned a number of urban development studies. In an open application process, an accompanying committee selected ten architectural and urban planning firms, including BHSF , to prepare these studies. The subject of the study was “the sounding out of the quantitative densification potential, the examination of typologies suitable for this, the relationship between existing and new buildings, the handling of the existing plot and ownership structure, the embedding in the larger spatial context, the significance of green areas and public space, as well as rules and strategies for implementation.” (quotes from the call).

The results of the development studies are confidential and have been incorporated into the city’s structural plan (cover image).