Back to the Future

Time Period
5/2010 - 1/2011
Roman Schibli, Sebastian el Khouli, Georg Mörsch, Florian Kirfel, Krunoslav Ivanisin, Davorka Peric, Bettina Köhler, Axel Langer, Britta Hentschel, Christian Salewski, Annette Spiro

From April 13th, 2010 until January 18th, 2011, the fourth series of the BHSF office talks will take place. During the fourth series of the BHSF office talks, we will travel forward as well as backward in time. Our guests are challenged to think about their work in terms of interdependencies between past and future. There are many questions that can be posed in this context: Must we look into the past to be able to cope with the future? How is this future supposed to look like? What happens when you have to build for the future with a weighty past in your back? Are we turning in circles if we only look for what›s new? Why are some things from the past reappearing, although we strive to only look forward? And what would we change if we could travel backwards in time?

As always, the answers to these questions will be as varied as possible: We are looking for everything from historical references over reviews of certain architectures to concrete thoughts about relations to past and future in ones own work. As usual, we are not asking for perfectly finished talks but rather for stimulation to talk about the work in progress.