Exhibition in the Swiss Architecture Museum

Time Period
23.03. - 04.05.2014
S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum Steinenberg 7, CH-4051 Basel

In 2014, the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel (S AM) celebrates its 30th anniversary. The exhibition “Orientations”, curated by S AM director Hubertus Adam, stood at the beginning of the jubilee year. In the exhibition, six young practises in the age of around 30 presented their positions: BHSF, Bureau (Geneva), Pascal Flammer (Liesthal), Gruppe (Zurich), LVPH (Fribourg) and Vécsey Schmit (Basel). The exhibit by BHSF Architects centres around the project at the Warmbächliweg in Berne.

With the invitation to the exhibition came the request to illustrate the position of the office, both through the challenges of architecture today as well as the position towards the older generation. As an answer to this, BHSF built a model of the Warmbächli project and its surroundings (scale 1:220), taking great care in building the context of the site. Above the model hung a “frieze” consisting of four parts. On the outside, eight theses of the office are depicted along with images of architects important to the office. On the inside, the project is explained.

To stress the importance of direct communication with the public, a telephone was placed besides the model, from which the office can be reached.