Swiss Art Award for Communication of Architecture, Basel

Time Period
12.6.2012 - 17.6.2012

The Swiss Federal Award for Art is the oldest and most renowned art competition in Switzerland. It was awarded for the first time in 1899  granting travel stipends for research abroad and soon became a prestigious prize  for acknowledgement of artistic achievement on a national level.

In 2012, the award for “Communication of Architecture” went to the team of Camenzind and BHSF:  Jeanette Beck, Benedikt Boucsein, Axel Humpert and Tim Seidel. In the same year 15 other awards were issued in the category “art”, two in the category “architecture” and two in “communication of art”.

The statement of the Jury reads: “The editorial board of the architectural magazine “Camenzind” dedicates itself to creative border interactions at the edge of the architectural field, which are needed in theory and praxis to generate movement in the centre also. The team has recently expanded its thematic excursions with visits to East Africa, so that a fruitful exchange between the two sides could take place. With “Camenzind” a work is awarded that expands its field with an appetite for the experimental and with a readiness for risk.”

The exhibition took place in Hall 4 of the Basel Fairgrounds.