17.11.2022: Niels Lehmann @ BHSF Werkstattgespräche

After a long break, the BHSF workshop talks are back in a slightly different form. The series Demolition Man, Agenda #keepingswhatsgood kicks off with the resourceful real estate developer Niels Lehmann from DXMA in Zurich.

Niels Lehmann guides us through the thought process of real estate investors and highlights exemplary decision-making processes. He shows when and why economic reasons and risk considerations speak for or against the preservation of an existing structure. In addition to yield considerations, building law requirements and other structural conditions often speak in favour of demolition. However, many conflicts of interest are man-made. Some rules could be questioned. The real estate industry would be open to this. But is the public as well? The lecture and discussion starts at 7 pm in our Zurich Office at Geerenweg 2, will be held in German language while drinks are served in all languages.