Total Recall

Time Period
6/2016 - 4/2017
Caspar Schärer, Friederike Pfromm, Axel Humpert, Dubravka Seculic, Leila Peacock, Annette Helle, Alla Vronskaya, Tim Seidel, David Ganzoni, Tommi Mäkynen, Miyuki Inoue, Benedikt Boucsein

In the series “Total Recall”, we will talk about our guests’ places of origin.

Only few people that live and work in Zurich today grew up here. This fact serves as a starting point for a series of talks about origin and heritage. We ask our speakers to conduct a “Total Recall”: Where did they grow up? What characterizes these places then and now? How has the environment in which they grew up influenced their view on the world, the city, and architecture?

We are looking forward to sentimental slideshows, movie screenings, processing of traumata, historic research, reflections on projects and political observations.